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NYCM FFC #2 – Waterwings

Often, we overlook the uncommon acts of everyday folks that define our collective humanity, like in 1952, when Albert Gunter’s quick thinking saved twenty souls from plummeting into the Thames.

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#Blessed – The Horror of all Horrors

I took second place in my round for the NYCM Short Story contest with Baby Jane Doe.  I didn’t post that story here because I know I can find it a home somewhere pretty much as-is (even though my judging feedback was all-over-the-damned-place). So yeah, round 2. I didn’t have time to write, so of… Continue reading #Blessed – The Horror of all Horrors

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Round One Success and a Busy Round-Two Weekend

My Round-One NYCM short story, “The Price of Progress,” scored a solid second place in my heat. I’m pretty pleased, considering I didn’t write for the first four days of my eight-day round, and then dumped three ideas down the hole before finding my stride. So yeah, second place. That meant I was provided a… Continue reading Round One Success and a Busy Round-Two Weekend