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Day 9 – Interpreting Inspiration

Today’s Author Blog Challenge requests that I divulge the inspiration for my novel. I have a few works-in-progress, but my flagship – The Adept Cycle – is the one I’ll discuss here. All I can say is, grab some popcorn and be prepared to laugh. You know… at me.  Whatever. What you’re about to read… Continue reading Day 9 – Interpreting Inspiration

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Life is… Just Write

JK Rowling didn’t become JK Rowling because she quit her job. She worked. She wrote on the train. She raised her kids. She used her support network and took to writing over tea on the weekends at a local coffee shop.

In other words, she did exactly what I’ve been doing all along. I share a handful of circumstances with my personal hero, and can learn a lot by taking a long, hard look at how she came about her success.