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My Vision Success Board

I promised it, and I’m here to deliver. Since I wrote my last post, I’ve given thought to exactly how I wanted to lay out my vision board. I pondered the idea of whiteboards, cork boards, chalk boards, random pieces of paper, smoke signals, video-taped interpretive dance… I¬†finally settled on a large poster board with… Continue reading My Vision Success Board

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Intentions, Visions, Success! Oh My!

Every few months, I go through the “we need to eat healthy!” thing. It’s become a cyclic pattern: Realize we’re eating like crap. Shop and eat healthy. Someone gets sick/we get overloaded with “life”. Before we know it, we’re eating a solid rotation of spaghetti, tacos and Mac & Cheese. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I recently… Continue reading Intentions, Visions, Success! Oh My!