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Day 21 – Beyond Belly-Button-Lint-Picker Offers – Marketing Basics

First, some gratuitous self-promotion. LOOK TO YOUR RIGHT! See that link there? Where it says RISING is Coming Soon? It’s a sign-up for publication information on Rising: Book One of the Adept Cycle. SignUpNow! 😀 Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog post…. Yesterday’s discussion centered around publishing. Today, I’m going to talk about marketing.… Continue reading Day 21 – Beyond Belly-Button-Lint-Picker Offers – Marketing Basics

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Day 9 – Interpreting Inspiration

Today’s Author Blog Challenge requests that I divulge the inspiration for my novel. I have a few works-in-progress, but my flagship – The Adept Cycle – is the one I’ll discuss here. All I can say is, grab some popcorn and be prepared to laugh. You know… at me.  Whatever. What you’re about to read… Continue reading Day 9 – Interpreting Inspiration

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I’m Doing a Thing!

That’s right! Book two is clipping along nicely. I’m just over 11,000 words on the first draft. Also, stay tuned for the near-future cover reveal and subsequent publishing release of Rising! I’ll be self-publishing through RavenSong Digital Publishing. I’m planning local book signing events, including (but not limited to) the Arizona Renaissance Festival in February/March.… Continue reading I’m Doing a Thing!