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Goodreads Giveaway Starts Today!

Book marketing is a lot of fun. No really, it is! It’s amazing how many places out there are willing to help you advertise your book! Some of them are even free. One of my personal favorites is the Goodreads Giveaway system. You follow the link below, put in your information (which is safe, protected… Continue reading Goodreads Giveaway Starts Today!

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NaNo 2 – Interpreting Inspiration, Part 2

During the Author Blog Challenge, I wrote about my inspiration for Rising. Today’s post focuses on my upcoming work in progress – Release. On November 1st, I’ll pour tons of energy into book two of the Adept Cycle. Release is a guilty pleasure of mine.Then again, most of my writing is It is, of course,… Continue reading NaNo 2 – Interpreting Inspiration, Part 2

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NaNo 1 – Release Synopsis

The 35-day Author Blog Challenge is behind us. I promised to move onward to the NaNo challenge starting today! So here I am! Today’s prompt asks us to write a page-long synopsis of our NaNo Work-In-Progress-To-Be. In the NaNo world, there are two types of writers: Planners and pantsers. The first is your detailed-outliner. She… Continue reading NaNo 1 – Release Synopsis