About Shanan

Shanan Winters is a professional writer, editor, and novelist. She loves gaming, table-top roleplaying, all things geek-and-fantasy, and the Oxford comma. She lives in Arizona with her husband, two kids, two cats and a turtle. You can find her debut urban fantasy novel “Rising” through your favorite online book retailer.

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Take the 30-Day Screen Challenge!

Rising – Book One of the Adept Cycle

At roughly 72,000 words, Rising is the first book in the Adept Cycle, an urban fantasy trilogy.  Rising is now available to order on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and iBooks (coming soon). You can also order a signed copy directly from Shanan!

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The 30-Day Screen Challenge



Tired of nagging about Minecraft? Does Clash of Clans feel like your family?
Want your Digitally Distracted kids to thrive? If you shouted “Yes! Yes! Yes!”…

Then join me for the SCREEN TIME SANITY TELESUMMIT (July 20-24th 2015)!!!

Imagine if you had access to ten globally renowned Experts in Parenting, Gaming and ADHD, helping YOU create a Screen Time Sanity Plan that works for YOUR family! For free!

You’ll get the insight and techniques to…

  • handle daily tech conflicts with confidence
  • set smart and consistent screen rules without the nagging
  • build a better relationship with your child by working together

I am thrilled to share with you that this Telesummit not only exists, but you can join and get all the learning completely free of charge! Listen in from the comfort of your own home or workplace (or gym, playground, car…wherever you can get a phone or internet signal). Busy Schedule? Don’t worry – you will have 24-hour access to the replay of each call.

Interested? Click here to find out more about this free Telesummit

I’m a featured speaker in this event and I’d like to invite you to join the Telesummit as my guest. Here is what we have planned for you…

  • Shanan Winters will discuss: Surviving My 30 Day Screen Free Experiment
  • Dr Edward Hallowell will discuss: How to Teach Your Busy Family Responsible Strategies for Screen Time and Electronics Usage
  • Dr Randy Kulman will discuss: Minecraft and other Popular Video games: Learning vs. Limits
  • Elaine Halligan will discuss: Managing screen time with Communication and Connection (not Coercion and Control)
  • Dr Laura Markham will discuss: Siblings and Screens: How to teach emotional intelligence, communication, and problem-solving skills in the daily screen wars
  • Bonnie Harris will discuss: Engaging Your Child in Screen Time Agreements and Contracts — before the power struggles begin
  • Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster will discuss: How to stay Calm and Confident during Screen Time Struggles: Avoiding Triggers, Managing Expectations & Staying Sane
  • Laurie Dupar will discuss: Making Sense of Screen Time in a Media Manic World
  • Alan Brown will discuss: It’s Not Just the Kids: Healthy Screen Habits for Parents and ADHD Adults
  • Cynthia and Andy Crossley will discuss: Pulling It All Together with Everyday Good Habits

Join me and thousands of others on July 20-24 for the SCREEN TIME SANITY TELESUMMIT!

Grab your spot for this one of a kind free event!

We could all use some Screen Time Sanity!

Shanan Winters

P.S. Feel free to spread the word or shout from the rooftops about the SCREEN TIME SANITY TELESUMMIT. Forward this link to your friends, colleagues and family members – anyone who wants to overcome screen time frustrations and create the family life they want. They’re sure to appreciate the invitation.


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