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NaNo 2 – Interpreting Inspiration, Part 2

During the Author Blog Challenge, I wrote about my inspiration for Rising. Today’s post focuses on my upcoming work in progress – Release. On November 1st, I’ll pour tons of energy into book two of the Adept Cycle. Release is a guilty pleasure of mine.Then again, most of my writing is It is, of course,… Continue reading NaNo 2 – Interpreting Inspiration, Part 2

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NaNo 1 – Release Synopsis

The 35-day Author Blog Challenge is behind us. I promised to move onward to the NaNo challenge starting today! So here I am! Today’s prompt asks us to write a page-long synopsis of our NaNo Work-In-Progress-To-Be. In the NaNo world, there are two types of writers: Planners and pantsers. The first is your detailed-outliner. She… Continue reading NaNo 1 – Release Synopsis

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Day 33: It’s Just Around the River Bend

And, now you’re going to be singing that all day. You’re welcome. Today’s blog challenge asks, “What’s next?” That is a fantastic question. I get ideas constantly, and I want to write ALL THE THINGS. But, given my schedule and my day job, prioritizing is a must. My writing priorities are (and in very specific… Continue reading Day 33: It’s Just Around the River Bend