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On intention and declaration…

Intention. Declaration. Those are two powerful words. They’re two sides of the same coin. They’re both active. They’re both transformative. Intention is quiet. It springs from a deep well of desire and need for movement. Whether that movement is internal or external in action, the intention itself is a chord striking in your soul. When you… Continue reading On intention and declaration…

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NYCM Flash Fiction Round 2 – Fire in the Hole

Flash Fiction: Dwight and Scooter thought they would just have a bit of fun on a lazy evening. Little did they know how far it would go once Dad got involved.


The Myth of the Multitasking Badass (and how you can break free)

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In the BC era (Before Computers) I prided myself on my ability to concentrate for long periods of time. An avid researcher from… well… as long as I can remember in life, I was “that kid”… the one who spent the junior high lunch hour happily entrenched in books,…