FFC 2019 R1 C1 – Jingle, Jangle, Judgment

…she only hoped her second wish would hold the power to save Reyland from a Final Verdict.

NYCMidnight · Writing

#Blessed – The Horror of all Horrors

I took second place in my round for the NYCM Short Story contest with Baby Jane Doe.  I didn’t post that story here because I know I can find it a home somewhere pretty much as-is (even though my judging feedback was all-over-the-damned-place). So yeah, round 2. I didn’t have time to write, so of… Continue reading #Blessed – The Horror of all Horrors

NYCMidnight · Writing

Round One Success and a Busy Round-Two Weekend

My Round-One NYCM short story, “The Price of Progress,” scored a solid second place in my heat. I’m pretty pleased, considering I didn’t write for the first four days of my eight-day round, and then dumped three ideas down the hole before finding my stride. So yeah, second place. That meant I was provided a… Continue reading Round One Success and a Busy Round-Two Weekend