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NYCM FF Round 1 – Getting What I Want

I put a desire out to the universe for this contest, and the universe listened. I wanted to write a Ghost Story. The second I saw my prompt – Ghost Story / A Waterfall / A Salt Shaker – I had a first line (though admittedly, I did move that line down a bit during editing). It wasn’t the line that grabbed me so much, though, as it was the strong character voice that flooded my brain. It’s like these characters NEEDED this story to be written, and I was going to write it. Sometimes, writer-brain is a little weird.

Once again, I have to hand it to my beta swarm. They’re amazing. Sometimes, and especially when a story writes itself like this one did, there are ideas in my head that don’t quite make it to the page. I mean, I know what the characters are doing and thinking… don’t you?! *ahem* My swarm is awesome for helping me quickly identify which threads are escaping the weave, and occasionally, they even bounce some ideas that help me propel the story into deep, rich territory that it might not have found on its own. That was definitely the case in this one.

Something else I realized on this round… the stress of writing in 48 hours is completely gone. It was a weird week for me… my mother passed away. It was my first week working after a long, road-trip vacation. I had to be “on” when I didn’t want to be. Then, Saturday was my husband’s birthday. In all respects, no one would have blamed me for bailing on such as “stressful” contest on top of all of that. But here’s the thing: writing on tight deadlines is my life now. It’s just how I operate. I used to lose my mind on these contest weekends… now I’m like, it’s cool… I got this. And I just write.

Anyway, we’re in the “waiting for confirmation” stage of the contest. I’ll post the story in a couple days, though it will be password protected. This is one I’m going to try to sell, for sure. I’ll make it really easy, though, and I’ll tell you now, the password for the post that will drop in a couple days will be: GhostFlash.

Until then, here’s my title and logline as a teaser of what’s to come:

The Devil Made Me Do It

“Lead me not into temptation, for I can surely find it on my own.”

One thought on “NYCM FF Round 1 – Getting What I Want

  1. Most awesome of tag lines! LOOOOVE that you wanted the prompt, and it came. That’s like last year for SSC, when I wanted historical fiction because I knew my backburner novel needed a reason for a ghost to be hanging around. viola! And in the course of the story, I KNEW! Wishing you oodles of success. Sorry I wasn’t around to beta swarm it. You’ve helped me so many times.


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