The Myth of the Multitasking Badass (and how you can break free)

Thougths on multitasking and a few ways to tame the beast…

My Mindful Source

In the BC era (Before Computers) I prided myself on my ability to concentrate for long periods of time. An avid researcher from… well… as long as I can remember in life, I was “that kid”… the one who spent the junior high lunch hour happily entrenched in books, articles and microfiche research on whatever subject had caught my eye.

When computers became a part of my life, and especially when the original Yahoo search engine hit the scene in the 90s, it opened a whole new avenue for research. At work (then as a software engineer), I could have a browser window open, conducting research and learning new things while my code compiled! How cool!

Then came multiple browser tabs. Usenet groups. Faster computers. The ability to have even more windows open. A phone that was as powerful as my computer. Social media. 24x7x365 automated notifications of anything and…

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