Crushing Your Self-Limiting Thoughts

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My Mindful Source

This morning was my quiet time for personal reflection… reading, journaling, and just sitting. If you’re not taking time to do this regularly, I suggest fitting it into your schedule. Even ten minutes can make your whole week better.

This morning’s reflection included a moment of self-limiting thoughts.

I was reading the Yoga International Mindfulness issue, which features the beautiful picture you see here of a woman standing in tree pose beside a mountain lake.

My husband commented that it looked nice, and the words escaped my mouth before I had a chance to even realize what I was about to say: “I used to be able to hold that pose like that.”

He smiled, the way he does, and said, “And you can again. You know what you need to do.”

Crap. He caught me.

The truth is, I’ve let self-limiting thoughts creep into my life over the last…

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