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Coming Soon: Take in the Sea

Last weekend, when I wrote Slow Spiral for NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Round 1, it tossed me headlong into a 48-hour-long deeply emotional writing process.

Seriously, it took me a couple days to recover.

And as I finally felt like myself again, I got the notification: I advanced to the FINAL ROUND of the NYCMidnight Short Screenplay competition with my entry, Little Sparrow.

Finals. The  moment I’ve been dreaming about for four years of entering these contests with the crazy prompts.

Finals. A 24-hour period in which to write a 5-page screenplay.

Well, here I am, 22 hours and 30 minutes after receiving my prompt, and I’ve just hit the “Submit” button on a hot-off-the-presses screenplay titled, “Take in the Sea.”

The last 24 hours makes last weekend look like a walk in the park. Not only did I decide on a very intense, emotional topic, but I had half the time in which to write. And I was writing in a format that is still very alien to me. You see, my first screenplay for this competition, Two Percent, was literally my first screenplay. Ever.

But the insanity is over. It’s signed, sealed and delivered. I owe more than I can ever repay to some amazing beta readers who know when to tell me that my shitty first draft smells like a barn in July, yet they do so in a way that builds up my confidence and allows me to find the voice of the story without interjecting their own. I have the most incredible writing support on the planet. Truly.

I think I wholesale rewrote this one twice today. But I have to say, I’m happy with the end product. In fact, I kind of love it.

So here is my customary teaser, and I’ll let you all know when the script is up and ready to read!

Prompt: Open Genre (I chose Drama) / Hallucination / A Marine Biologist


Standing on the shoreline that separates life from death, Amy’s vision guides her to make a choice.

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