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On intention and declaration…

upside downIntention. Declaration. Those are two powerful words. They’re two sides of the same coin. They’re both active. They’re both transformative.

Intention is quiet. It springs from a deep well of desire and need for movement. Whether that movement is internal or external in action, the intention itself is a chord striking in your soul. When you set an intention, you invariably recalibrate to a new vibration.

Declaration is louder. When you speak your intention out loud, you cultivate accountability. You make a promise to yourself, and to whoever is listening (even if it’s just the sky) that you are stepping onto a path.

This morning, I wrote a post about landing back on my path. What I failed to mention was the deep intention that reverberated through me as I sat in traffic, enjoying the stillness of rush hour. I decided at that moment what I need to do… something I did long ago that requires repeating.

I’m dedicating myself to a year-and-a-day practice… a mindful journey of yoga, meditation, reflection, appreciation, and acceptance.

That’s my intention. It seems fitting to start this practice on a random Tuesday in May. Mindfulness isn’t about perfect beginnings. I don’t need a first of the month, or a new year, or an equinox, or even a certain time of day. So today, on this beautiful Tuesday, with its unseasonably cool air, and big, white, puffy clouds, and office chatter behind me, and tasks to be done, and stresses overcome, and anticipations of going home and hugging my family, and with the love of so very many people, I intend in this moment to live in each moment. Accepting. Letting go. Breathing. Knowing that everything passes, for better or for worse, no matter how I react.

My declaration is this: I’ll check in here… right here… (okay, maybe slightly to the left… or above… whatever… on this blog… you’re all so damned literal)… And I’ll share this journey with you. For better or for worse. What’s working and what’s not. The joy and the failures, because I’m sure I’ll experience both.

I’ll get raw, and real. I’ll share tips, techniques and things that I learned. I’ll ask you all to share back. We can build a little community. This is scary, and it’s big, and it’s important.

So there you have it. My intention. My declaration. Follow along… subscribe if you want (I don’t send emails beyond what WordPress automatically sends)… or check in occasionally. Whatever strikes your fancy.

So from my path to yours, I invite you along for my ride.

Are you ready?

I am.


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