Interview with Kaylar Hallock – Fiction Writer

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself… not something they’ll get from your bio… just about you in general!
I love all sorts of stories whether it is a song, an Anime/Manga, or just a good book. I even hid Easter eggs within my books of all my favorite stories. Some of them are obvious while others are only a whisper of an homage.
Tell me about your books. What do you write? What’s your preferred genre (or topic, if nonfiction), and what drew you to write it?
I am currently writing a post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure series titled, “Chronicles of the Gate.” In the series, curses such as werewolves and vampires run free thus, the post-apocalyptic. I love reading adventure novels though. I guess it was an impulse to write a story I was forced to come up with as an assignment in the 6th grade. We were given the chance to write a book and the read it to the younger kids in the school. No matter who I read it to, they loved it equally and were immediately drawn into a world that I created. It became an obsession to perfect the story so anyone, no matter their age, could fall in love with it.
Who is your favorite character you’ve ever written about, and why?
My favorite character to write has to be Leir. He is a cursed being with the characteristics of a wraith; sucking the very soul out of the innocent for his own chance of being human. He looks like the monster that lurks in your closet or lives under your bed. He could easily fit in with the wild things from the much beloved children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. He has been my favorite to write because he was a child when he was cursed and retained his innocence. He doesn’t deny his nature. Instead he secludes himself so others might live.
Writing is tough, and finishing projects is even tougher. What drives you to write? Why/when did you start writing?
I found my passion to write when I was 12. It never left. Sometimes it took a back seat to teenage angst, but even then, I was still creating my world. I have an impulsive and compulsory need to finish a task no matter how long it takes. That alone has been all I need to keep going.
What’s your elevator pitch? What would you add to your elevator pitch if you had more time? Sell us on your work!
Adonia used to be a peaceful world before the gates closed; before Lanaia. She threw the world into chaos, forcing the heavens’ gates to close. A once happy and peaceful world became riddled with monsters and cursed beings alike, creating a post-apocalyptic society many fought to avoid. The war against Lanaia waged on like an uphill battle; Lanaia having the upper hand. Adonia lacked a savior to turn the tides. It was not until the heavens themselves appointed a savior that Adonia ever stood a chance. Her name was Nagisa. She has lived a tortured life. Despite that, she fought her tormenters every step of the way. One day, an opportunity arose for her to change her fate. Nagisa soon found herself in the presence of a curse known as the Night Howlers. With one of the Night Howlers known as Aidan and a Nightmare called Leir, Nagisa sets forth to undo the chaos that was set forth by Lanaia. However, Nagisa doubted her ability to do that. The trio discovers Nagisa’s true destiny but she still doubted. How could a Nightmare, a Night Howler, and a savior stop a force as constant as light is relevant to day?
What would you say has been the hardest part of being an author?
Sometimes the ideas are gone and you need more content. Other times it is the horrible beast that none of us like to deal with called editing.
What has been the best or easiest part?
The best and easiest part has been creating the bonds between characters. I enjoy conveying vast amounts of emotion in as little words as possible.
What do you do when you find the words just won’t come to you?
When I hit a wall in my writing, I change mediums. I write by hand instead of on a computer. I will use speech recognition software and say my story aloud. If none of that works because the creativity is gone, I edit.
We all have those things that keep us going… what keeps you coming back to your manuscript? Is it a process? Do you set goals for yourself? Are you purely inspiration driven? Pacts with aliens? What is it?
Well, like I once wrote for a Spanish final, I am a cat-girl. I was hatched from my celestial egg by the monks of Mars. They just so happen to be one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eaters. In all seriousness, it is the nagging compulsion to keep going and complete the task. I set goals but I rarely reach them.
What do you love about the genre/subject you write and what others appeal to you?
I love that it can go anywhere. It is a post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure so anything goes in a world where everything has already been destroyed. I can rebuild it and destroy it as many times as I want.
What can we expect from you next? Tell us about the plans for your books.
I am currently writing my second novel in the series, “Concealment of Fire.” I am also getting some children’s short stories prepared to send that are set in the same world as the main series.
How would you like to be published? What are your thoughts on independent publishing and self-marketing? What direction would you like to see the industry move?
I am hoping to go through an agency. I am currently sending submissions to some that meet my needs as a writer. Because I have such a big goal in mind for such a short time, I would prefer I had an agent helping me through it. Without an agent, I would have to do all my own publicity. I am not good at selling myself. Though it is not for me, I love seeing people succeed on their own. I would love to see the self-publishing craze become something anyone can use easily. The only problem with that is, that people tend to not edit enough or not want to pay for a professional editor.  The poor content could easily outnumber the best of the bunch. I would like to see an increase in help guides for these types of people. There are already a few different popular YouTube channels among the community that dedicate themselves to this.
If you could shadow one author for a week, who would it be, and why?
If I could shadow an author, I would have to pick J.K Rowling. I had a dream once, that I sent her my pitch, she loved it, and found me drinking tea and offered herself as my mentor. Style wise, I would go with the cerebral Steven king. He could help with concept creations and plot holes.
What are you working on currently and when can we expect to see it hit the shelves (physical or virtual shelves, that is)?
My current finished project is “Chronicles of the Gate: Hidden in Darkness.” I would expect it anywhere from spring to fall of 2017. It all depends on if I get picked up by an agency and how soon they find a publisher willing to print my awesome content.
Lastly, tell us where to find you:

kaylarKaylar Hallock is an author from the Phoenix/metro area of Arizona. Her hobbies outside the writing world include relaxing with video games, cooking like the perfect housewife, singing to calm her anxious heart, and loving on her two nerdsons (godsons). To learn more about up and coming projects by Kaylar, you can visit her Facebook page: Kaylar Hallock, Author.

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