Meet Your Community

I’m tired of hearing myself talk… as is evidenced by the lack of recent content on this blog. Sorry, not sorry? I’ve been busy. It’s not you, it’s me.

Anyway… there are so many interesting people out there in the writing world. Fiction authors. Nonfiction writers. Bloggers. Game designers. Editors. Typesetters. Marketers. PR experts. Each contributes to the world of writing in their own unique and important way.

And they have a lot to say.

They’re writers. Of course they have a lot to say!

I’m going to spend the next several weeks interviewing writing industry professionals, hobbyists, and everything-in-between. You’ll learn what drives them, what inspires them, what they do to overcome the difficulties, and a bunch of other stuff I probably haven’t even thought of yet… because writers are awesome, diverse and — most of all — prolific with word-spewage.

So, follow along! It’s sure to be a fun few weeks as I bring forth friends, friends-of-friends, and people-who-are-soon-to-be-friends in an effort to widen the dialogue, provide a platform, and open up some awesome interaction within this beautiful, creative community of which we are all a part.

Also, if you’d like to take part, fill out the Contact form at the bottom of my Copywriting and Editing page. Let me know who you are, what you do, how you’re a part of this community, and that you’d like to be involved!

One thought on “Meet Your Community

  1. Wish I was creative but alas that’s not to be in this lifetime. Enjoy reading what you and other creative people are doing. Thanks for keeping me on your list.



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