ABC Day 4 – Blessed Samhain!

The topic today is about covers, but I already wrote one of those a long time ago. So today, enjoy this fun word search that celebrates the Celtic holiday of Samhain… also known as Halloween.

When we were kids, my mom wrote this poem… I want to share it with everyone. My sister remembered the whole thing! I was sitting here writing this post, straining to remember. I recited this poem to my first grade class, yet I could only remember the first few lines. I gave up and posted this post… but then, then… there it was, on Facebook, via Janet! Thank you for remembering!!!!

My little thumbkin grew a pumpkin
By planting a seed in the ground
My pumpkin grew and grew and grew
Until it was THIS BIG AROUND!
I planned to carry it Halloween night
With a candlestick to guide me for light
But because of his size and because of mine
I had to leave my pumpkin behind
I went trick or treating and when I got home
My pumpkin was sitting there, all alone
With a smile as big as a smile could be
For he had lit up the whole yard from under the tree.
– Mary Carol O’Leary, circa 1960-something

And here’s a fun word search for everyone:

And a beautiful song:

Blessed Samhain, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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