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Announcement: The Optimized Author


I’m super excited.

Like… SUPER excited!

I’m in the process of starting up a brand new company. Our aim is to empower authors to optimize their public relations efforts in order to reach their largest potential audience. This project is is providing an opportunity for me to do the three things I love to do the most:

  1. Write
  2. Teach
  3. Work with awesome people

I’m going to start with #3. My amazing business partner, April Ray, and I share one key personality trait: we’re both willing to jump off ledges with both feet, celebrating the fall, and trusting that the net will appear. Okay, we share two very important traits – we both have a lot of professional experience and know-how in our chosen areas, too!

And together, April and I get to work with authors! I love to see authors find and grow their audience to become successful. And that’s just what we’re going to do over at The Optimized Author!

That leads me to #2. We’re going to teach public relations to authors so that they can become their own champions. There are lots of “pay for PR” agencies out there. That’s not us. We want to empower people through our eBooks, blog posts, videos, podcasts, social takeovers, and more!

Which brings me to #1. I get to write all this great content and share it with the world. And while I write, I get to fill in my own gaps in the process (with a very able partner by my side to provide the PR muscle). One of my favorite quotes is from Richard Bach’s book Illusions: “You teach best what you most need to learn.” I know a fair amount about book publicity, but like anything that happens in digital space, it’s constantly changing. I love that this venture will help keep me at the forefront, documenting the disruption, and sharing it for the benefit of all!

So now, I ask of you a small favor… pop on over to our KickStarter. We’re not pushing for much. Just a small amount to help offset the cost of creating an online presence. We’re planning on a formal launch with our first eBook release in a couple months. Having some funds behind us will help us pay the wonderful friend who is designing our logo, and it’ll cover the cost of site hosting and business licenses. We’ve come up with some great perks for the writers who help fund us, so go check it out!

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We’re going to be hanging out at the LoveNBooks festival in Las Vegas this weekend, and we just might share some of what goes down! You’re not going to want to miss it!

So tell me, writers, what questions do YOU have about public relations that you’re dying to have answered?

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