Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History of Violence

An important post that people need to read. I could write my own post like this. I’m sure most of us could.

The Belle Jar


I am six. My babysitter’s son, who is five but a whole head taller than me, likes to show me his penis. He does it when his mother isn’t looking. One time when I tell him not to, he holds me down and puts penis on my arm. I bite his shoulder, hard. He starts crying, pulls up his pants and runs upstairs to tell his mother that I bit him. I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone about the penis part, so they all just think I bit him for no reason.

I get in trouble first at the babysitter’s house, then later at home.

The next time the babysitter’s son tries to show me his penis, I don’t fight back because I don’t want to get in trouble.

One day I tell the babysitter what her son does, she tells me that he’s just a little boy, he doesn’t know…

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One thought on “Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History of Violence

  1. Rules of engagement for men on how to interact with women.

    – ALWAYS agree with everything a woman says, because the chances are she’s right. Just because your male, DOESN’T mean your capable of understanding womens issues

    -NEVER purposely go out of your way to flirt, perv, stair, or engage in a conversation with a woman. Only ever glance for the purpose of navigation while walking, if your purchasing products ALWAYS try to check out at a counter where a fellow male is at the register. If you have no other option than to check out where a woman is in charge of the Register, first select a counter where the oldest women is, treat her like a male, this means no flirtatious conversation and only engage in eye contact (she has every single guy trying to “pick her up” so give her a break already). Or better yet, where’s possibly, order your groceries online and have them delivered (it’s easier, more convenient and you avoid impulse buying).

    -NEVER take a women home, or go back to her place if she’s at a venue where alcohol is available, ie pub, nightclub, restaurant etc. As there’s no guarantee way of knowing if she’s too drunk to be capable of consent. Don’t be that rapist, these venues are not the appropriate place to start relationship and find sex.

    -NEVER approach a woman for a general conversation or to flirt. If she wants that, SHE WILL approach you. So unless she’s approaching you LEAVE HER ALONE, chances are she’s had hundreds of men trying all day already so GIVE HER A BREAK.

    -If your at a night club or disco and have no intentions of dancing, what are you even doing there? Just stay home.

    -Don’t venture out into public unless you absolutely need to make a purchase or attend a hobby (sports, music etc). Most women are fearful of men, don’t put women under more pressure and stress than you need to. Stay out of sight and at home where practically possible thus creating a safe haven bubble.

    -ALWAYS prioritise your mother over anyone else, she’s the one that nurtured you while your lazy dad looked on.

    -NEVER initiate sexual intercourse, ALWAYS wait for her to lead the way. Because, how can you 100% know if she really actually wants it? Don’t be that rapist, don’t touch, kiss, look at her unless she physically initiated these activities.

    Most importantly, remember that women DON’T NEED MEN if your lucky enough to be chosen remember she has to sacrifice alot for your benifits, so show her some appreciation by doing everything she needs and wants. Real men are subservient, be a real man.

    Always wear a condom. ALWAYS!!! Unless you have expressed permission to get her pregnant. It absolutely doesn’t matter if she’s on birth control, the only valid reason for not using a condom is for procreation reasons

    If you’ve struggled to give a women an orgasm, then why are you even trying? Have so respect and leave women alone. If your a virgin, chances are your not going to be capable of pleasuring a women. Save her the distress and don’t attempt a sexual encounter. If your up against a women in a job promotion, let her have it. The chances are she’s better than you and won’t get it due to sexisum. So, be respectful and don’t even bother going for and trying for a premotion. Turn the tides of sexisum and give women the opportunity they deserve to be leaders in their chosen fields. Men, your not a essential and needed part of society. Remember that the world WILL keep revolving without you. Remember this and have some respect for women, do everything in your power to promote women empowerment by taking a step or several back and letting women play an essential role in the world. Vote women in, make sure women obtaine possitions of power by avoiding them yourself. There’s no shame to maintaining and entery point base job for the rest of your life, be a man and do it.


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