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This Spud’s For You

As a writer, I work very hard on my books. Not just writing them… yes, that takes  months. But the process of editing, formatting, publishing, marketing, lots of other -ings that take time, time, money, and more time.

I’ve sold copies of Rising, and I’ve gotten great reviews. I’m not complaining. But I do generate some serious eyebrow-arch when I see headlines like:

Man Sells Photo of Potato for 1 Million Euros.

headscratchA photo.


A potato.

Seriously, you can see this potato for yourself.

Sure, it’s a nice potato. The photographer claims it was organic. I bet it was delicious.

But a million euros? 1-point-zero-eight million US dollars? I would have to sell 333,333 copies of Rising to make that much money.

I just wonder… who did the potato’s make-up? Was it really ready for its close-up? Does the photographer have to profit share with the grower of said potato?

There’s a story in here somewhere…

You know what? Forget my very obvious envy. Good on ‘ya, Mr. Potato Photographer. Thank you for reminding us that no matter what it is you do… someone, somewhere, will pay a ridiculous sum to own the fruits of your labor.


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