It’s Sinking In

I consider myself to be experiencing one of the most fortunate and positive points in my life right now. I’m currently living out the last few days of a 20-year software development career. Two weeks from now, I’ll be actively reinventing myself as a full-time writer in a brand new job.


It’s been an odd path getting to where I am at this moment. It’s not happened exactly as I envisioned. But here I am, nonetheless.

This feeling I have… it’s one of monumental significance wrapped up inside a tiny moment in time. Changing jobs; reinventing myself; finding a creative endeavor that will allow me new ways to express myself… it’s something I’ve wished for… longed for… pined over… and eventually planned for, worked hard for, and made happen.

It’s that last part, right there, that’s sinking in.

We all have dreams and wishes for life, but the only ones that come to fruition are the ones where we roll up our sleeves and make them happen. This path I’m on has been rocky, uphill and tiresome. It’s also been rewarding, with many accomplishments and friendships made along the way.

DSCN0432It’s also not over. In fact, this is just the beginning.

I wrote my Mountain of Dreams post a little over a year ago. That was the point where I looked at the jumbled heap of writing and marketing experience that I’d gathered over the years and said to myself, “I really need to do something useful with this.”

My first step up the hill in my mountain of dreams was giving myself credit for what I’m worth. It started with taking ownership of who I am, as defined by me. Not what my resume says. Not what my coworkers think. Not what anyone else claims I should be. But who I am, authentically.

The rest of the steps involved putting in the work… releasing my novel, writing blog posts, taking editing clients… all stuff I was doing anyway, but with a lot more oomph behind it.

Everything has finally come together, in my life and in my head. I’m at the summit of one of my mountains of dreams… and I’m strapping into my hang glider, ready to launch!


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