A Weekend Immersed

writermugI’m fairly certain my Internet searches over the weekend landed me squarely on the NSA watch list.

This piece I’m writing for the NYCMidnight Short Story contest is coming together beautifully. I have to say, I’m extremely grateful to all the other contestants who willingly trade beta reads.

Where else in the world do you find a group of supposed competitors coming together to help one another bring their best game? Seriously, writers are amazing.

My favorite part of this story, though, has been the research involved. I got to hear a bunch more Navy stories from my husband. I could listen to him forever. My web searches ranged from Navy ship terminology to military jargon to cryptography technology used in the First Gulf War. I also had to pull up specific geo coordinates in Iraq, figure out the Desert Storm timeline to the hour, and reminded myself of the who’s who of the real-time war broadcast that overtook all the TV stations in 1991.

It was a serious walk backward in my own life, and a deep-dive into a piece of history that we all watched.

I really can’t wait to share this story with the world!

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