And We’re Off!

We got our round one prompts for the NYCMidnight Short Story Competition last night.

I have never – not ever – been so incredibly excited about a prompt. Ever!

My history with NYCMidnight has largely centered around genres I already write. Ghost Story, Crime Caper, Horror, Spy, Suspense… I finally got something new!

In a conversation with one of the other NYC regulars yesterday, I said that I hope I get Historical Fiction or Romance. Basically, I hoped to get a prompt that would stretch my writing muscles. This isn’t like the flash fiction contests where we only have 48 hours to pen a story. I have eight whole days! Something that requires research would be amazing!

And I got it!

My prompt for round one is….

…. drumroll ….

fbctGenre: Historical Fiction (YAY! RESEARCH!!)

Subject: Cryptography (OMG Something I already KNOW!!)

Character: Personal Chef

On top of this amazingly awesome prompt for which I had an immediate cast of characters and plot… I’m in group 37. This means nothing to anyone… except me. 37 is one of my favorite numbers. I love it because it’s a prime number made up of prime numbers. Yes, I am *that much of a geek*.

I have my story intro written. I’m taking my time with this one… letting it sink in. I’m reading and researching. Making sure I get all the terminology right. Finding links to the points in history I want to cover. It’s a story I’ve wanted to tell, but haven’t had the right nudge.

Consider me nudged. I can’t wait to share this one!

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