Top 10 of 2015, Number 2

It warms my heart that my top two posts of 2015 were short stories. Here is the first installment of the Coven Thirteen Missions – Curiosity Kills the Cat. The idea and characters in this story are going to become something much bigger in the future. Until then, enjoy this taste of Spartacus and his arch nemesis, Grumblegus.

Curiosity Kills the Cat

Shanan Winters

spyvsspyI got confirmation!!!!

NYCMidnight is on top of things this year. Confirmation at 9:00 AM on Tuesday? YES!!!

For those interested, you can read my inspiration for this story right here. Otherwise, onto the good stuff!

Curiosity Kills the Cat

It’s all fun and games until a familiar death. Then it’s just fun.

Spartacus bumped the tiny opening between the boards of Siobhan’s Apothecary with his nose, exploring for energy. He’d once made the mistake of walking through a witch’s ward. The singed whiskers had dulled his senses for weeks.

He slipped through his private entrance and allowed himself a brief Cheshire grin, but then focused on the mission objective – take note of the surroundings, gather intelligence and get out.

As Spartacus crossed the threshold, he felt the familiar twitch behind his eyes. He knew Luna was with him, seeing through him. He padded in silence across the…

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