Top 10 of 2015, Number 4

The number 4 post of 2015 is something that all writers need to take to heart. Truth be told, it applies in any professional capacity. When you work with others, critique happens – often. Embrace it. Use it as an opportunity for growth, enrichment and self improvement!

Handling Critique

Shanan Winters

My days of NYC Flash Fiction writing are over for this year.  I didn’t make the cut for the final round.  Didn’t even get so much as an honorable mention.

But that’s okay. What I did get from the contest was equally valuable to a win: I received valuable critiques of three stories.  Call me weird, but I love getting feedback. And while I appreciate the words of encouragement and praise that I typically get from friends and family (seriously… never stop, guys… ever), I very much value honest and even brutal critique.

And one of my judges for round 3 of NYC was brutal. Here is the entirety of my feedback:

Prism” by Shanan Winters (Story is linked)


  • Judge 1: The grounding in this is excellent, and in addition, it establishes mood, tone, and atmosphere. We’re also given a sense…

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