Top 10 of 2015, Number 6

Today’s re-read was a tough one. I’ll raise yet another glass to you, Walt, and I’ll state once again that I’m working hard to honor the memory of your friendship and your spirit.

For Walt – Until We Meet Again – Also: Corporations Don’t Get It

Shanan Winters

walt_shanan_mediumAt the end of last week, I found out that my old friend and former band mate, Walt, died rather suddenly. As his partner Astrid said, his gentle heart failed him.

The picture here is circa 2002? 2003? It was a while ago. It’s one of the few I have of him. For all the time we spent rehearsing, gigging or just sitting around talking about everything from the people of Scottsdale to the idea of extra terrestrial life to the nature of existence itself…

We took few pictures, and we never did lay down a single track of music. I couldn’t tell you why exactly. We never recorded our time as friends.

We lived it.

That’s how Walt was… he lived and experienced and cherished life. He poured passion into his music, all the way down to the creation of beautiful instruments that sang with his very own…

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