Top 10 of 2015, Number 7

For today’s recap post… a little fiction 🙂

NYC Flash Fiction Round 2

Shanan Winters

First, some gratuitous self-promotion. LOOK TO YOUR RIGHT! See that link there? Where it says RISING is Coming Soon? It’s a sign-up for for publication information on Rising: Book One of the Adept Cycle. SignUpNow! 😀 Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog post….

Results are in, round 2 is done, and I’m ready for a month vacation.

My round 1 story, Curiosity Kills the Cat (password: NYCFlashRound1) scored 9 points. That’s 7th place… out of about 40 people in my heat. I’m trying to be happy with that score. I mean really… it’s awesome. That’s an 82.5%, if you take it mathematically out across the group. It’s the upper end of the bell curve.

I had several people from the competition tell me I was robbed! LOL

That’s okay… honestly, I don’t do NYCFlash to win. I do it for the forums, and all of the awesome…

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