Top 10 of 2015, Number 10

number-10To kick off this new year, I’m reblogging my top 10 posts of 2015! The 10th most popular post of the year is this… my ode to irony. This one was written in the middle of my 35 day blog challenge. It was also mid-NYCMidnight. I’ve re-read it, and it all still applies. Especially the very last line 🙂

Day 7 – The Universe Has a Name, And That Name… Is Irony

Shanan Winters

Today’s prompt deals with writer’s block.

Do I have it? How do I deal with it? Are there any fool-proof cures?

WritersBlock_1024x1024… Are you suffering from Writer’s Block? Try BlockAway! It works like magic! Just walk a block away from your writing, punch a rainbow, come back, sit down and stare at your screen until droplets of blood form on your forehead! The complete guide can be yours for six easy installments of just $9.99! But wait, there’s more! Order now and you’ll get a complementary bar of Writers Block soap and a free subscription to Write or Die!

Last night, I received my Round 2 prompt for the NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Challenge.

I love this contest. Really, I do. It’s kind of a self-torture device, but I always grow from each round as a writer.

My process for this contest is as follows:

  • Get prompt at 9:00 Arizona…

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