Deck The Halls With BOOKS!

‘Tis the season to buy useless stuff we don’t need.

Wait, that’s not right.

‘Tis the season of joy and happiness and giving!

That’s what they say anyway. For me, it’s more like ‘Tis the season to count down the days until I finally have a day off.

And what do I do with that day off? I clean the house!

Wait, I keep screwing this up.

I read!

At least I hope I will have time to curl up with a lavender white mocha, a crackling fire (whether or not it’s 85 degrees in this infernal desert… and yes, I’ve been known to turn on the AC and light a fire, because it’s winter, dammit!), and crack the spine on a brand new book.

Here’s my top five To Be Read right now…

gravebeginnings1. Grave Beginnings by R.R. Virdi
I’m half-way through Grave Beginnings, and it’s a fun read and a great first effort by R.R. Virdi. The characters are well-rounded, the story clips along and there’s just enough humor to keep the reader laughing through the non-stop action. I know he has more tales of Vincent Graves coming out next year, along with an entirely new series as well. I’ll be looking forward to watching and reading along as Virdi’s indie publishing career progresses.

ghostStory2. Ghost Story by Jim Butcher
I’m a couple books behind on the Dresden series… mostly because I devoured the first 12 books without surfacing for air. Butcher’s Dresden books are fun, exciting and very difficult to put down once you start reading. He’s a master of urban fantasy, and his characters – both magical and mundane – come to life effortlessly on the page. His world is immersive and real, even when stretching the boundaries of disbelief.

the-sword-of-summer3. The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan
From the creator of Percy Jackson, this new series is sure to be a hit. It caught my eye in the bookstore in SeaTac airport and I couldn’t pass it up. The first line alone made me want to know what’s what! Riordan has a penchant for spinning fun and exciting tales that drip with accurate research. This new series is steeped in Norse mythology – my personal favorite of the ancient pantheons. I’m very much looking forward to cracking this bad boy. And I need to get on it, because both my kids want to read it after I’m done with it!

freelanceguide4. A Freelance Writer’s Guide to Researching by Courtney Herz
Taglined as “How to Squeeze Buckets of Content Out of Your Research, Become an Expert in Anything, and Make More Money” this is a book I need to read. See the aforementioned gushing over Rick Riordan and his research habits (Kevin Hearne, too!) I love researching, but sometimes I have a hard time squeezing out the right details. I know Herz is a master researcher, so I’m looking forward to her new eBook! It’s currently free on Amazon, so grab it while it’s hot! And even if you miss the free opportunity, it’s going to be well worth the few dollars she’s asking for the wealth of knowledge she’s sharing!

Staked-Cover-201x3005. Staked by Kevin Hearne
The kicker here is… I need to have all four of those up there read and done by the time Staked comes out on January 26th.  I won’t be able to resist this book once it hits my doorstep. I’ve followed the tale of Atticus O’Sullivan and his Irish Wolfhound, Oberon since the beginning. I love this series… it’s well-researched and deeply immersive into every ancient (and modern) pantheon known to man. Hearne is another master of urban fantasy, making it seem totally normal that these ancient gods pop up and interact with his main character and society in general. His take on mythology is fresh, fun and different than all the rest. If you’ve not read his Iron Druid series… well… what the hell are you waiting for! Start with Hounded and catch up already!

And of course, since you’re doing some holiday shopping, make sure you stop by the Holiday Author Event bookstore! There are lots of great books for sale… something for everyone on your list… including my debut novel, Rising: Book One of The Adept Cycle!

The best part about gifting books this holiday season? They are far from useless, and everyone needs to read!

Happy Reading and a Joyous New Book to all!


4 thoughts on “Deck The Halls With BOOKS!

  1. Shanan, you have a gift for humor! You made me laugh- thanks! With more time, I would take all your recommendations. For now, I may have to settle for Herz’s book, which I can probably use often. Btw, what is a white lavendar mocha? And where do you get one?

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