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I try not to wax political on my blog. It’s my safe space where I express my art. Just know that at my core, I’m a peace-loving, granola-munching, forest-attuned, nature girl. That’s pretty evident from my books.

But… in light of recent world events, I’m going to put this out there as required reading material for… well… basically everyone.

lettersfromthefireThe review below sums it up perfectly… only the emails weren’t entirely fictional. I “knew” Alma and Deck when they were exchanging notes in our misc.writing usenet group in the mid-to-late ’90s, and through first publication of this book. I participated in their group-talk while they kicked around ideas. This is a very real, very poignant look at how we view the world though “me-colored” glasses, and it resolves in such a manner than it brings hope that we can, and will, survive, even through our differences.

“The cobbled-together country of Yugoslavia could not keep six warring factions together for long, just as few of last century’s convenient mish-mashed countries proclaimed as new conjoined entities on the world map have survived into this century. The Bosnia-Serbia war echoed the same battles as many areas of the world–Muslims and Christians fighting over faith and culture, for one. This book composed of fictional emails between two human beings brought together by the war is a different look at the issues as they fell in love in cyberspace, long before there was even an understanding there was such a concept as cyberspace. The descriptions of the landscapes, the monuments, the buildings, the historic bridges, destroyed by bombings, bring the far-away war to life for readers who were not there, who got all of their information about the conflict from TV news. This love story will help you see this war as like all wars, human beings torn from what they love, from what gives them their sense of identity. And the coauthors from opposite sides of the world fell in love in real life as they wrote this book. Their marriage gives a deeper foundation to this historical novel.” – Amazon Review

Get it. Read it. And get back to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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