Adept Cycle · Rising

Day 1

This morning, I woke up as an author.

This truly is the first day of the rest of my life.
I’ve sat every single step in this picture throughout my journey to get where I am, right now, today. For today, I’m at the top! YES! I did it!

You see, the act of writing is a bit like this…


When I do write, it flows. Fellow urban fantasy author R.R. Virdi recently said, “Writing begets writing. Just start. The momentum will come, then, you won’t want to stop. Once you plot you just can’t stop.”

Word. Truth. *Writer gang sign*

So then you write, and you create a novel. And then you feel a lot like this…


Today, Flynn Ryder is played by the part of my saint-of-a-husband, who has sat there with much the same look on his face, patiently watching me go through the stages of writer anxiety.

Anyway, moving on…

Once you have a book completed, you realize that it’s going to have to go out into the world. And then you realize just how pathetically small your social circle is because: writer. You’re probably somewhat of an introvert. After all, your idea of a good time amounts to Googling the best way to cover up a murder in a cheese factory while simultaneously building the perfect soundtrack to go with the writing of said murder scene.

Not that I’d know anything about that.

But yes, you realize that you must shove yourself — and your book — into the great, wide world. You must face your book-as-a-business, while still tending to your duties as an adult. That’s when writing becomes a lot like this…


And then, all of a sudden… it’s done. You won. You’re out there!

That is me, today. I’m savoring this day like you can not believe. The high is incredible. It’s like sword-fighting-in-the-produce-section-with-a-cucumber-while-the-old-people-stare-at-you exciting.

I’d have to say, the best feeling so far was seeing a friend post a picture of her Kindle with my book preordered. Nancy, you were first… and you’re forever my favorite. Sorry everyone else. LOL! Ok, not really… everyone who orders my book is my favorite.

Close on the heels to this abuzzness-of-wonder feeling was the absolute elation of going out to Amazon, typing in MY NAME, and having it come back with a published book listed.

And it’s everywhere… Amazon (every English speaking country), Nook, Kobo, iBooks. The dead tree version is available for preorder directly from me. Soon it will be available on all those sites as well (once we get the cover contrast issues worked out with Ingram).

Then it will start going live.

For those who preorder the eBook version, you will get it on November 24th. If you preorder the print edition directly from me, it will ship on between December 11th and December 15th.

I also have all kinds of fun promotional events happening. I’ll put those into a separate post.

So, for everyone who has encouraged me to write instead of reordering the alphabet; for anyone and everyone who has listened to (or read)  my rants where I complain and moan and freak out; to all who encourage me to keep pressing forward, even when I’m completely overwhelmed; and to all who buy my book, I just want to say…


Today might be Day 1… but there are many days ahead. There are many books to write. There is much marketing to be done. I’m going to bask in the happy today… but tomorrow is Day 2. I won’t let it pass me by!

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