Christians and Coffee Cups

I’m not a Christian, but I’ll reblog Emily’s words. Imagine a world where more people thought like this. If you find yourself claiming the almighty and holy snowflake as the symbol of Christ that is henceforth missing from your disposable cup, and you’re up in arms because of this horrid affront to your faith… you might just want to sit in a corner and think about your life and your priorities. Read this, again and again, until it sinks in.

Your friendly neighborhood agnostic pagan spiritualist

*sips gingerbread latte*

Emily C. Heath

It’s early November and already this year’s installment of the so-called “War on Christmas” has begun. All over social media I’m seeing rants from angry Christians who are trying to “Keep Christ in Christmas”. And the first volley of shots has already been launched against an unlikely target: Starbucks.

Apparently people are mad that the seasonal cups at Starbucks this year are just plain red. No mention of Christmas or Jesus at all. And, clearly that means that Christians are being persecuted. I mean, my faith is just destroyed if I don’t get my venti blonde roast with room for milk in a cup that features the name of my Lord and Savior.

So, obviously I think this is a little ridiculous. Because, Christians, I promise you that Starbucks red cups are not going to destroy the Christian faith. Seriously, the Roman Empire couldn’t do it, and they could kill…

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2 thoughts on “Christians and Coffee Cups

    1. We stopped at Starbucks today and I got my first Gingerbread Latte of the season. Sadly, they didn’t have the red cups at Barnes & Noble. And yes, it’s ridiculous what people get all upset over.


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