Blog Challenge · NaNoWriMo

NaNo 2 – Interpreting Inspiration, Part 2

During the Author Blog Challenge, I wrote about my inspiration for Rising. Today’s post focuses on my upcoming work in progress – Release. On November 1st, I’ll pour tons of energy into book two of the Adept Cycle.

Release is a guilty pleasure of mine.Then again, most of my writing is

It is, of course, inspired by its prequel… but mostly, it’s an excuse to write two characters who have been nagging at me for a while now, and it’s a playground in which I’m building sandcastles into entire worlds.

I guess you could say the main inspiration behind Release is… me. My love of finding the possibilities in the improbable. My unrelenting desire for a world where magic can and does exists. My adoration of and history with all-things-fantasy-genre: from hours spent playing Dungeons & Dragons, to volumes of fantasy tomes read, to running through the woods as a child dreaming up all sorts of fantastic other-realities.

Writing The Adept Cycle is, for me, a catalyst into the world of “what if.” It’s my happy place, and it perpetually inspires me to create and explore.

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