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NaNo 1 – Release Synopsis

ancestralThe 35-day Author Blog Challenge is behind us. I promised to move onward to the NaNo challenge starting today! So here I am!

Today’s prompt asks us to write a page-long synopsis of our NaNo Work-In-Progress-To-Be. In the NaNo world, there are two types of writers: Planners and pantsers. The first is your detailed-outliner. She painstakingly plans her novel, fleshing out every detail before the go-date of November 1st. The pantser, by sharp contrast, attacks the keyboard on midnight, November 1st, and writes whatever flows.

I love those outlandish caricatureizations of writers. As if anyone is either of those! I, like every other author, fall somewhere along the spectrum of planning and pantsing… though I do lean harder toward the latter. Regardless, it’s probably a very good idea that one can write at least a synopsis of one’s planned month-of-work-to-be.

So, here is, in a shell, what I’ll be creating over the course of the next month. SPOILER ALERT! Ignore everything after the line if you don’t want to know what’s coming!!

I’m going to cut and paste from an post from a couple weeks ago, when I shared a cup of tea with Danny Harmon, and I’ll expand on it a bit.

Most of Rising: Book One of the Adept Cycle takes place in the Pacific Northwest — specifically in the post-card-of-a-town Gig Harbor. It’s urban fantasy from an Earth-centric view. The sequel, Release, enters a whole new realm as Kessa learns the full meaning of becoming Adept, and Harmon explores his darker side. Rising tiptoes into the Ancestral Plane. Release is a wild ride, where this entirely new reality is introduced and its influence upon our own reality is unleashed.


Kessa and Danny are in the thick of a realm where the citizens are fully aware of their own, inner demons… and some of them don’t mind the idea of sharing across the planar boundaries.

Kessa teams up with a Planehawk – or a purveyor of goods between the physical realms. She learns that our alternate reality is full of life, and not unlike our own world, that life is at odds with itself. She learns how the worlds work together, and she comes to understand the full extent of her power and its source.

Meanwhile, Danny grapples with the demon that is squatting inside him, fighting for control. He is persuaded by Martina – the antagonist of Rising – to follow her to the Depths of Fel – the domain of the beast within, where he struggles against his conflicting desires to harness the Fel beast’s strengths, and to protect the citizens of the Earth realm.

Kessa realizes – to her horror – the extent of the damage done to the fragile veil that separates the worlds, and what might become of reality if she can’t repair the Fade rift. The physical realm of Earth continues to experience the consequences of the rift as pressure mounts at the tether points between the worlds. The culmination of power is building beneath Seattle, and it threatens to blow open the path between Earth and the Fey realms.

The battle is bigger. The stakes are higher. And the demons demand Release.

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