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Day 35 – Onward!

GoodArtistIt’s t-minus-13 days to NaNoWriMo.

Last year was my first time participating. And while it’s true that the whole event begets a certain stigma in the writing world (i.e., those poor editors and publishers get inundated with un-edited, half-baked tripe starting on December 1st), I use it for the momentum that it generates.

About this point in the year, I ask myself: Why November? Right before the holidays? Really?!

But then I realize that November is absolutely perfect for NaNo… because: Why not? As writers, we love to give ourselves excuses as to why we can’t get work done. We’ve all done it. The looming holidays are a perfect excuse not to produce. NaNo basically looks at us all side-eyed and says, “Nope. Excuse not accepted. You get your shit done, and quit whining.”

To that end, I am appropriating the NaNo blog challenge, found on my friend-and-follow-NYCMidnighter Melony’s page. Starting Monday, this is my new list of prompts!

1. Write a Page-Long Synopsis of your book
2. What are the inspirations of your book?
3. Write character sheets for your main character(s)
4. What is your Writing Soundtrack?
5. Write character sheets for your supporting characters
6. Write an article about the most common issues that have surfaced in your work and how you plan to fix them.
7. Write a Setting Profile about your book
8. Write about the current book you are reading or the most recent one.
9. Write a 500-word story in the eyes of your antagonist.
10. Recognition of other writers you follow and why they inspire you.
11. Write about the common themes of your book.
12. Tell some Writing Process Confessions
13. Write about the origin of the book.
14. Write a new Author Bio.
15. Write a 500-word story based on an early memory of your main character that will not be featured in the book.

Stick with me, folks! It’s not over. Not by a long shot 🙂

6 thoughts on “Day 35 – Onward!

  1. A NaNo blog challenge? Seriously? Game ON, Shanan! Heading over to NYC Midnighter Melony’s blog to check this out.

    I know, like I have time for this? But your list of prompts is intriguing and helpful. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your energy level is amazing. Your positive attitude is awesome and inspiring. Will you honestly do all these prompts?
    I am pleased to be reading your posts. And I was pleased to read you remembering something I said to you about using swear words. It nurtures me when you remember so positively. Thanks, Shanan. Thanks a lot.


      1. Ok. Going for a run to get the motivation ball rolling. It’s been mama’s Big Day Off around here. SO delightful! Wish I didn’t have to teach tonight, but that’s the only reason I got the day to myself…so I will book end it with Nano prep. Thanks, Shanan!

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