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Day 34 – Reflections

We’re one post away from the end of the 35 day Author Blog Challenge. Our prompt today is for feedback – what was good about the challenge, what we enjoyed, what could be improved.

First off, I’d like to hear from my readers! What have you enjoyed about this blog (and the others from my fellow challengers) over the last month? What room for improvement do you see? Let me know in the comments!

Now, on to my thoughts.

What I loved

1. First and foremost, the challenge gave me a daily writing goal. I looked forward to sitting down and cranking out — whatever. It’s a practice I intend to keep.
2. The prompts were perfectly suited to exactly where I am in my publishing process. It made for a very natural stage from which to announce my release of Rising!


3. Some of the prompts encouraged me to get off my duff and do a little research that I really needed to do. Researching always drives me straight to inspiration-land! So I very much enjoyed having that nudge.
4. The challenge inspired me to get off my butt in other aspects, and create a whole lot of marketing material for my book. I refreshed my websites, gave my blog a facelift and my entire author-life got a bit of a makeover. I fell in love with my writer-self again over the last 35 days, and it allowed me to heal emotionally from my huge string of setbacks earlier in the year.
5. The people — I loved reading my fellow authors’ takes on the prompts. Thanks for sharing, everyone! I also appreciate all my new followers here, and all the feedback I got over the month. People who leave comments on aspiring blogs are beautiful souls.

What I’d love to see next time

1. Let’s get creative! I truly enjoyed every prompt; there were only two days out of 35 where I strayed from the prompt. That said – it would be fun to have some creative prompts thrown in the mix. Maybe a 500-1000 word flash challenge off a picture or prompt.
2. Keep posting those prompts ahead of time! Toward the end, the next week of prompts didn’t get posted ahead of time. It helped to have the full, upcoming week’s worth of prompts listed out. Like I said before, some of them required a little research. Having them ahead of time let me plan out a course of action.
3. On the Facebook group, it would be nice if everyone would post their daily link under the thread for that day. I realized I missed reading a couple because I’d see them scattered through the feed. It would also be nice if more people would have used Facebook. I posted early in the day (typically) and was usually the second or third person of the day to post. I wouldn’t think to go back out to the Mr. Linky site to get the later posts.

One unexpected benefit from this challenge was a bit of self-discovery. I realized that I have two brain modes, and that they work best during very specific daytime hours. I call them my creative brain and my logic brain. Creative brain works best between the hours of 5 AM and 10 AM. Before I’m fully awake and caffeinated, my creativity runs wild! Once I hit my logic brain, I’m better suited to my day job of writing computer code.

Now, that’s not to say I can’t code over my morning coffee, or that I can’t write in the afternoon. It just comes more naturally to me if I work in those hours that my brain desires.

To that end, I switched from writing over lunch to writing over breakfast. I pushed my job hours out and filled my creative vessel early in the morning. I renewed my resolve and got up early to do creative work before leaving for my J.O.B.

The last question asked by this challenge prompt: Will I do something like this again?

Can we get a big, resounding, YES? Starting Monday, I’ll be working through my next challenge. Stay tuned! 🙂


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