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Day 31 – TBR List

There are so many books I want to read. Sadly, I have very little time to devote to reading. However… here is my To Be Read (TBR) List of the moment.

gravebeginningsFirst and foremost is Grave Beginnings by R.R Virdi. I’ve been following this author on Facebook since last year (or, we’ve been following each other). Today he mentioned that he was “followed” on Twitter by Terry Pratchett’s official account (i.e., the Pratchett family). He’s been getting great reviews and responses. And he’s one of my people (i.e., Urban Fantasy genre). So this is going to be the very next book I buy… once I have the time to sit down and read for fun. I promise, that time is coming soon!

FamilyByChoiceTied for First-And-Foremost is Blood Relations, Book One of the Family By Choice series by Caroline Frechette. First off, the main character’s last name is Winters. That’s just awesome. Second… it’s another Urban Fantasy. And third, Caroline is a wonderful writer and an awesome human being. We met through an online Geeky-Mother-Writer group on Facebook and became long-distance friends pretty quickly.

Scimitar-Moon-cover-194x300Once I’m through those, I want to read something else by Chris A. Jackson. I read Pirate’s Honor and Pirate’s Promise and fell in love with his characterizations, plotting, visual imagery and epic storytelling. I wanted more Pirate’s… something… the second I was done with the two he has published. I figure I’ll go with Scimitar Moon. It looks intriguing!

Three books… well, actually more, because they’re all the-start-of-something-bigger. I know that’s enough to keep me going for a while, considering the slim amount of time I am able to devote to reading.

What’s on your TBR shelf? Let me know!

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