Day 30 – It Could Happen

Rising: The Adept Cycle, Part 1

In theaters now!
What do you get when you mix a no-nonsense federal agent with a high-profile murder and a demon turf war? Special Agent Kessa St. James (Scarlett Johansson) is about to find out in Rising: The Adept Cycle, Part 1. Kessa’s life takes an unexpected twist when the FBI sends her to Gig Harbor, Washington. Her orders are to keep the media off the case, and assist profiler Danny Harmon (John Barrowman). She just wants to find the senator’s killer and go home. She doesn’t expect that elements from her past would become central to the investigation, nor did she ever dream she’d wield magic. Will Kessa set logic aside and rise to her the role of Adept of the Ancients, or will the demons win the war and take the world?

William S. fivestartAn action packed and thought-provoking ride! It’s a must-see film!
L. Hamilton fivestartIntensely visual and set in a beautiful region of the Pacific Northwest! I know where my next vacation will be!
R. Howard fivestartJ.J. Abrams pulled out all the stops. This is by far his finest work! And that score – contemporary with a classic twist. Danny Elfman is a master!

Oh to someday see this with my name affixed to the credits. This really is the dream, isn’t it?

Today I’m thankful to the Author Blog Challenge for encouraging us to dream big and play hard. My book announcements are fun. Someday, when I get to the point of making a real, honest-to-dog movie announcement, I know I’ll be over the moon.

It could happen 🙂

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