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Day 29 – We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog Challenge…

Man I’m tired today. Something about getting two hours of sleep, waking up and being awake the rest of the night… then spending all day decluttering the room of an eleven-year-old girl.

Some days are just kind of like that.

Today, I’m supposed to write about who I want to team up with in order to bring about my success. It’s such an excellent question… and it’s one I’m thinking about a lot, and acting upon where I can.

But honestly, and for truly… I don’t have the energy to blog about it today.

So instead, I’m going to let you all know that by this time next week, my whole house will have new carpet. Except my office… my office will have amazing hardwood floors.

I’m pretty stoked.

And I’m really, really, really, extremely, super thankful to a friend of mine who turned me on to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. First off, the woman who wrote it is a total trip. Reading it is like… grab some popcorn and spend a lot of time going, “Whoa… it’s a miracle her brother and sister didn’t kill her as a child!”

konmariBut her method for decluttering is sound… if not a little flighty… and it really does stick better than any other method I’ve ever tried. Basic idea: Declutter by category, not room, and only keep that which sparks joy.

Until I took everything I owned out of its hiding places, laid it all out and asked myself, “Do I really want this in my life?” I never truly grasped what it meant to declutter.

And because I’m getting to the point where I am only surrounded by things that bring joy to myself or another member of my family, I’m a lot more cognizant of what I buy or bring into my home. Additionally, because I organized by category, I don’t stumble upon stashes of “things that have already been stored.” Not to mention, there’s just a lot less crap in my house. We made yet another trip to the donation center today… I think that’s trip number 12? 13? I don’t know… a lot.

Anyway… had I not found this marvelous book and been inspired, I’d be panicking right now, wondering just how I was going to accomplish all that needs to be done between now and new-flooring-day.

Thanks to KonMari and my much simplified home, well.. moving everything will still be a pain in the ass… but at least I won’t be fighting the clutter hydra at the same time!

2 thoughts on “Day 29 – We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog Challenge…

    1. I have more than 10 items in my wardrobe… but I have way less than I used to! I knew it was time to purge when I’d go into my very-full-closet and think, “I need to do laundry! I have NOTHING to wear!” Haven’t had that experience in a few months now. LOL


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