ISBNs, Barcodes, and Scam Sites, Oh My!

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Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion

ISBNs, Barcodes, and Scam Sites, Oh My!

by Shanan Winters

File this under “You teach best what you most need to learn.” In addition, perpetual iSBNsthanks go to Mr. Richard Bach for etching that phrase forever onto my frontal lobe.

ISBNs. Barcodes. Unless we plan on selling our books only at private venues, or simply giving them away free, we know we need these little bits of business mumbo-jumbo affixed to the lower corner of our back covers. ISBNs and barcodes aren’t a simple nice-to-have. They are a precursor to legitimacy in the marketplace. They are required to sell online, in bookstores, and at any venue that takes digital payments.

They’re also a bit of a mystery wrapped in an enigma of legalese. If you’re publishing through a house, chances are they’ll take care of this bit of legalese for you.

What is an ISBN and why do I need…

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