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Day 22 – Dear Role Model, You Wanna Read My Book?

It seems ludicrous from way down here on the ground, looking up into the stratosphere and seeing my inspirations floating by on their puffy white clouds of publishing success.

Kevin Hearne.

Chuck Wendig.

Jim Butcher.

Neil Gaiman.

Why would any of these authors want to read my book and give me a blurb?

Up and up and up I look. They seem so far away.

But they’re not. Not really.

The authors whose voices matter to me are people, just like me. They were once at the cusp of their publishing success, just like me. They were once bright-eyed and optimistic, just like me. And sometimes, they are terrified of the next step they are about to take into an unknown world where their names are known and their stories will be read and reviewed by anyone and everyone…

I know that feeling.

Rising is currently with the editor. I know that professional editing will make it a stronger book in the long run. It’s already been through beta readers. Soon, it will make its way out into the world and be subject to the opinions of the general public.

I want that for my books. Sure, at the end of it all, I write because I must. But truthfully, I write not just for myself, but for my readers. My desire is to tell a story that is authentically mine in such a way that it captivates readers and draws them in. I want them to read my books, and if they feel so compelled, I want them to respond.

I don’t fear the general public… even if someone decides to tell me my book is tripe and I should stick to window washing… I’m good with that.

But man… those idols of mine. The ones I’ve placed in the clouds. I think about them reading my book and I shudder. Fear creeps down my spine and my first instinct is to run away screaming. Not because I lack faith in my work, but because I’ve put those faces so high up on a pedestal that they seem radiant and unreachable. Like rays of the sun, they’re shining down on me, but forever out of my grasp.

I’m sure they’d all get a good, hearty laugh at the very idea.

At Phoenix ComiCon this year, I had the pleasure of meeting both Chuck Wendig and Kevin Hearne. Both of them were humbled by the sheer volume of people who attended their signings and panels. I was early, waiting for Chuck’s signing, and he looked at me kind of side-eyed, glanced around behind himself and said, “Are you waiting for me?” When I met Kevin, I gave him my card. We talked for a  few minutes and he very sincerely wished me luck with my books. I never felt rushed, or that he was annoyed with my presence. We were mutually, genuinely interested in the conversation we were having.

Seriously… these guys are funny. They’re friendly. They’re humble. They know their shit, but they don’t flaunt it.

They’re people.

Do I want these four people, listed above, to read my book and give me a blurb? Oh heck yeah!

Do I feel comfortable approaching them, even knowing how real they are? Oh, Hell-to-the-no! Seriously… geesh… ack… the mere thought!

Am I going to approach them?

*looks around*

*gives a side-eye glance*


Sure… why the hell not.

Just don’t ask me how I’m going to go about it yet. I’m still researching that part.

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