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Day 19 – Chill Out, Homeslice

Today’s blog challenge asks that I interview someone about their reading habits. The only people near me right now are two cats and a preteen. The cats have never read anything (that I’m aware of) and the preteen really only reads books about cats.

Sideways glance at self in mirror. Eyebrow raised. “I’m talkin’ to you, ya know…”

So I’m going to take a moment to prattle on about my own life. Because, you know, I’m like that sometimes.

I had a spectacular meltdown the other night. I thought it might have registered on the Richter scale, but apparently I dodged that bullet.

Why did I have this snot-filled cry-fest that would leave most toddlers is stunned awe?

Because I have goals, dammit! GOALS! And Nothing. Is. Happening. Fast. Enough!

But really, what needs to happen is, in fact, happening.

The secret to freelance writing — or freelance anything — is building a pipeline. A freelancer must prime her own pump, and get that flow of income started.

Rising is now with my editor. For reals. It’s there. She’s reading it. That is happening.

I’ve recommitted myself to my publishing business meet-up group.

I have outlines and writing completed for some serialized fiction, some with a group and some on my own. I’m working on it a little each week. That’s real. That’s happening!

I just got off the phone with a company that, given my ability to pass their editing test (I should hope so!), is willing to work with me until I’m writing and editing full time. They’ll give me as much work as I can take per week, even if some weeks, that amount is none.

I’ve talked to a few others who want to push editing and/or copywriting work my way.

The point is, my pump is priming itself. My queries have been passive-to-light, and yet my work stream is still growing. My network is forming around me, and it’s pointing the way directly to that all-important pipeline of success.

Honestly, I feel like a cat, and the Universe just opened a can of wet food… only I’m still in the kitchen, looking at the counter, and the plate is on the floor in the other room. The Universe is standing there, tapping Her foot and snapping Her fingers going, “Over here, moron.”

I see it now. I do…

Yes, I still have my day job. And lately, it’s been as frustrating as hell. But I’ve pinpointed my exact beef with software development beyond, “It doesn’t fuel my soul.” Granted, that’s pretty huge. But… my problem with software development is that even in moments of success, it’s less of a “Wow, that’s awesome! It works!” feeling and more of a “Fuck you computer! I won, bitch!” kind of thing. Knowing this — understanding it — makes it easier to just roll up my sleeves and get shit done. Right now, it’s a need.

But… When I finish writing a story, or a blog post… or even a particularly good scene… I feel radiant. I feel completely and wholly alive and I bristle with energy. Honestly, I become a little unbearable for those around me at times. The high I get from writing is indescribable. It’s beyond simple passion. It’s what I’m meant to do.

That knowledge — that understanding — gives me the patience and resolve I need to keep pushing forward.

So then, with my epic meltdown behind me, and a few new notches of understanding hitched into my belt, the only course of action is to forge on down this path. It’s time to chill out, enjoy the hike, and see where the Earth shifts next in my favor.

My eyes are open now, and I’m looking in the right direction.

7 thoughts on “Day 19 – Chill Out, Homeslice

  1. Know that feeling. I’m wondering if you’re getting my comments. Unless I’m somehow missing them, I don’t seem to be getting a response.

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