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Day 18 – Down Comes the Night

Listen to the wind blow
Down comes the night
Running in the shadows
Damn your love, damn your lies
Break the silence
Damn the dark, damn the light
And if you don’t love me now
You will never love me again
I can still hear you saying
You would never break the chain
– Fleetwood Mac

That song — and specifically that verse — will forever conjure up Agent Danny Harmon, supporting main character from The Adept Cycle. Or maybe he just demands that I listen to it…over, and over, and over.

Damn your love, Damn your liesDanny (or Harmon, as Kessa insists on calling him, much to his severe annoyance) is an energetic, somewhat flippant and wholly unpredictable character to write. Where Kessa is calculated and logical, Danny is free-flowing and adaptable. Where Kessa is the staunch skeptic, Danny is the free believer. He is the Chaos. She is the Lawful. He tiptoes along the line of Goodness and Neutrality. She’s firmly on the Side of Good.

Yes, I structure my characters using D&D alignments. Don’t judge.

Without Danny, Kessa might not discover her inner light. And without Kessa, Danny might just go completely off his deepest, darkest end.

While writing Rising, I listened to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors a few (thousand) times. Fortunately for my family, I have headphones. Unfortunately for my children, I don’t use said headphones while driving them to school.

This post about writing interrupted to bring you an important message: Never use headphones while driving… I shouldn’t have to say that, but I live in Phoenix… and I see it at least once a week on the freeway. The stupid. It burns. Anyway, I digress…

So yes, my nine-year-old son now belts out Fleetwood Mac songs like they’re from his era. He knows them all. My daughter… has headphones.

Sometimes, while this song plays during my commute, I have conversations with Danny Harmon. Out loud. Like he’s sitting in my passenger seat.

Danny: “You know, you left me in quite a bind.”

Me: “Sorry, I had to make breakfast for the kids.”

Danny: “So what are we gonna do about it?”

Me: *suggests solution*

Danny: *scoffs* “As if that would work.”

Me: “I figured you have some trick up your sleeve that you won’t actually divulge until I start writing again.”

Danny: “You know me well.”

Me: ….

Danny: “Why aren’t you writing now?”

Me: “Um, hello… I’m in traffic?”

Danny: “Excuses…”

The point is, music plays a large role in my writing, though it usually boils down to one or two very specific songs for each story and/or character.

Prince-CTCAnd the weird part? Kessa doesn’t have a song, a band or even a type of music for Rising. But in Release, she’s coming at me with a whole lot of songs… specifically… by either George Michael, or Prince. Father Figure. When Doves Cry. Purple Rain.

This is going to be an interesting ride….

4 thoughts on “Day 18 – Down Comes the Night

  1. The Chain and Say You Love Me are my absolute favorite songs in the world! I finally get to see Fleetwood Mac in concert this year, and I’m totally excited! Their music has spoken to me since I was young and def inspire my writing. 🙂

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