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Day 15 – I’ve Got My Cover Covered!

risingcoverfrontThis is a test. This is only a test. If this were a real cover, it would be a lot more exciting and a lot less… sucktastic.

I have a novel written. I have a typesetter, and a publisher and a cover artist… who happen to be one-in-the-same. Courtney over at Ravensong Digital Publishing makes amazing covers. No really… like, beautiful. Incredible. I love her work. She’s also does great typesetting work and she knows a thing-or-ten about publishing and marketing.

So… my cover is covered (even if we do have a dozen ideas between us… we’ll settle on something.)

Now I just need to finish my final edit so that she can do the typesetting, determine the book size and… you know… actually design the cover.

balanceHow did I choose Courtney? Well, that’s pretty easy… I was her editor for a few of her short pieces. I do the editing side of the business and she does the publishing side. When I saw her cover for her own book, The Magician, I fell in love. Then I saw her covers for her short pieces (which I’d edited), Balance, Beyond the Veil, and  Waiting For Aquarius. I knew I wanted her work on my cover!

She’s also fun to work with. She’s high-energy, super creative, talented, and professional. Her rates are reasonable, and she gets things done when she says she will.

Honestly, can you ask for more than that?

So what I’m really saying here is… if you’re looking for typesetting, book covers, and publishing, drop her a note! Tell her I sent you. Even if I don’t know you… tell her my blog sent you.

And… you know… if you’re looking for an editor… I’m taking clients. 😉

7 thoughts on “Day 15 – I’ve Got My Cover Covered!

    1. The beauty part is, we know each other because we began working together, and built a partnership. I prefer to forge deep working relationships and stick with what works… especially when it becomes mutually beneficial 😀


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