On The First Day of Blog Challenge

I signed up for a 35 day blog challenge! Why? I don’t know… maybe I thought I didn’t have enough going on in my life?

Those who know my life can stop laughing hysterically now.

Today’s topic is: What do I expect to get out of the blog challenge?

The answer, for me, is simple: I need to reconnect with my writing.

It’s been a rough six months. Fuck that… it’s been a rough two years! But during that time, I’ve managed to write and edit my first novel. It’s in final copy edit, the cover design is underway, and it will be on a virtual shelf near you before the end of the year.

Book two is 12,000+ words down, 60k+ to go. It doesn’t feel daunting, or impossible. In fact, I know the entire story. It’s right there in my brain, and my characters are banging on the gates.

However, life being what it is… and without a lot of gory details… the plate has been rather full, and my “spare time” has been spent mostly in fetal position, curled around a cup of tea and sometimes a book… if I had the mental capacity to read. LOL

Ok, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad…. but regardless, it’s not been conducive to even forced creativity.

But things are better now. Truly… they’re better. And I know I’m tempting the universe to show me all its cards… maybe stick my head in a toilet and flush… but you know what, Universe? Bring it. Cosmic swirlies and all. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get down and dirty with Book 2 of the Adept cycles, and start Book 1 of a whole new series, too!

So, back to the challenge. 35 days from now will lead right on into November – which in the writing world means NaNoWriMo. Last year, I wrote 50k words during November. This year, my goal is to meet or beat last year’s number.

This challenge gets my daily-writing-habit kick-started. Right now, I’m at 333 words. That’s 333 more than I wrote yesterday! So I’m already winning at my own game.

So, ready or not, I’m strapping in and hanging on. I’m committing myself to production of words on paper. I promised myself I’d be published by December. Come hell or high water, you’ll be able to stuff a stocking with one of my novels. And with a little luck and elbow grease, Book 2 will grace your shelves early next year.

Let’s do this!

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