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My Vision Success Board

I promised it, and I’m here to deliver.

Since I wrote my last post, I’ve given thought to exactly how I wanted to lay out my vision board. I pondered the idea of whiteboards, cork boards, chalk boards, random pieces of paper, smoke signals, video-taped interpretive dance…

I finally settled on a large poster board with permanent labels for Intentions, Steps and Inspirations, and ample space to litter it with sticky notes.

Why? Well, first off, sticky notes rock my world. Seriously, they’re amazing. I use them for plotting novels, so why not use them to plot my life? By using sticky notes, I can move my steps around, create new ones as needed and allow the board to be fluid and alive!

Also, I already had said poster board and sticky notes at my disposal. I didn’t have to buy supplies. Free is good.

I’m resisting like hell here to say that I’ll change the board “as I accomplish my goals.” This board is not a checklist. It’s more like a trail-head marker.

There’s a path set before me, and a sign pointing in the general direction. But to either side, there might be better trails, or prettier ones. Or maybe I want to follow a mountain goat up a shale cliff just to take its picture… in other words, I want my vision to be changeable, so I can follow the right path. The best path. The most exciting and enticing path! I can correct my course as I go, and refine my vision to the best possible benefit!

With this idea of my awesome trail-head sign-post vision board in mind, I sat down with a poster board, a pack of Crayola markers, and because the Universe has a sense of humor, an inordinate amount of cat hair.

I added my labels: Intentions, Steps and Inspirations, wiping off the cat hair that seemed to settle in each-next-place I wanted to write. I set it on the floor and got to work on my post-its.

Pro Tip: When creating a vision board, make sure it gets some cat-lovin’ before adding your sticky notes.


Much to the chagrin of a very put-out cat, I started adding my notes. My intentions are few, and the steps are many. My inspirations are sure to be the most-often-changed part of my board.

But the most important part: Every statement is positive.

Each Intention and Step is a positive statement of what I want for myself, not what I’m attempting to avoid.

So, without further adieu, here is my completed board, now hanging just to my right in my office, where I’ll see it every day.


And some close-up shots of the sticky notes.

WP_20150830_07_13_04_ProWP_20150830_07_12_48_Pro WP_20150830_07_12_55_Pro

Now, let this be YOUR inspiration!

Be it a journal, a poster board or an interpretive dance, get it out there. Put your intention out to the Universe, and then go make things happen! Post your updates and pictures. Link them in the comments! I’d love to see what YOU do!

One thought on “My Vision Success Board

  1. I like it – great job.  You have inspired me to make some changes also.  First is to get back to working out at the “Y” at least three days a week.  Eating healthier and trying new things. Thanks.

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