Jen’s Editing Tips: Kiss Your As’s Goodbye

A fun and useful post by JensPenDen. I feel the same way about the word “was.” 😀

Jen's Pen Den

For today’s editing tip, I thought I’d focus on a simple word that can ruin a story.

Jen's Editing TipsIt’s a word that might not be as fancy and obvious as some, but as you begin to use it more and more, it’s hard to ignore.

Hopefully as I carry on, you catch it. I promise, it’s right in front of your eyes as you read this. It’s as clear as a summer day. As clear as a sparkling window. As clear as (insert cheesy simile here).

Have you caught it yet? No? Well, as you keep reading, I’m sure you will.

It’s a word many writers like to use as a way to connect and transition their sentences. Even I love it as I sit down to work. It’s as addictive as peanut M&M’s!

But, as you might’ve noticed by this point, this word becomes a problem the more you use it. It’s redundant, wordy, and as annoying as rush hour traffic. In fact…

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