Waiting To Post

Round One of the NYC Flash Fiction contest is away. Personally, I love what fell out of my head.

My group got the prompt “Spy / A Pharmacy / A Dictionary.” The “Spy” genre is new for the competition, and new for me as well. I have to admit, when I saw the prompt, my mind went blank. I cringed, and cried a little on the inside.

Then I saw this meme on Facebook.spyvsspyI cracked a joke about how my spy should be a cat. It was just a joke, I swear!

Then I had a dream. The characters came to me in vivid liveliness, telling me their names, purposes, drivers and back-stories. The plot flowed in its entirety. The words appeared on the page in my dream, and I woke up knowing the first words to put on the page.

Writers live for moments like those.

My first draft was rough – very rough. It takes a village to beat a story into submission-quality. I called in my posse. I seriously love my beta readers. One in particular – another contest participant in a different group – helped me hone the spy aspect of the story. Her suggestions were invaluable! Others offered up their stumbling points and alternate wordings. I think this story went through a good dozen full edits, if not more. And that was before my writer’s group on Sunday afternoon!

I shipped it to NYCFlash three hours before the deadline. And while I definitely took liberty with the prompt, I love what it became. I can’t wait to share it! Until we get the go-ahead from NYC, all I can offer is the title and synopsis.

Stay tuned… soon you will be able to read…

Curiosity Kills the Cat
It’s all fun and games until a familiar death. Then it’s just fun.

12 thoughts on “Waiting To Post

  1. The whole thing appeared in your dream!? Wow. If I lived for moments like those, I would be one parched desert traveller. That has never happened to me. I am going to have to dream harder.

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  2. I’m intrigued by your title/synopsis. I found you through the flash fiction contest forum. I can’t wait to read it!

    I didn’t know the rules about sharing (I hadn’t uploaded my story yet to read the 72-hour thing) so I tweeted @nycmidnight to ask and I was told I could post my story to my blog today (yesterday I asked about tomorrow). Then I uploaded my story to the contest and saw the “don’t post to the forum yet” statement, so I rescheduled my post for Wednesday morning. Do you think I should wait until Wednesday afternoon, or whenever I get the confirmation? I’m so impatient, I want to share it now.

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