NYCFlash – It’s HERE!

My favorite competition of the year is upon me. And my first-round prompt rocked my socks in very good ways. I love it. I have an unnatural love for it. I wrote the story at a blistering pace — last night, while I was asleep. It was a little slower going once I was in front of my computer. But still — it’s 10 AM and it’s done.

My prompt for this round is:

Genre: Spy

Location: A Pharmacy

Item: A Dictionary

For those new to the contest, the idea is, you write in genre, the given location must be primary, and the object must be used at least once (though it doesn’t have to be central to the story).

I’ll just say that my inspiration came from a meme on Facebook, and that I had insane fun writing it…. and leave it at that.

Stay tuned! It will be posted here some time next week 🙂

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