Role Playing

A New Project – TableTop Mom!

role-playing-games-1I’m a writer. That’s pretty obvious. I’m also a lover of all things role playing. For the last several months, I’ve had the idea of blogging my family’s gaming adventures. However, this blog is my space where I write about writing.

I’ve been turning the idea of a new project over in my mind, and it’s finally going live!

Please join me on, where I’ll explore the world of tabletop gaming with kids!

Over the next several weeks, I’ll cover topics such as

* Getting Started Role Playing

* Benefits of Role Playing

* The Wide World of Role Playing Systems

* Homegrown vs. Store Bought – Which World is Right for You

* Rules – When to Follow Them and How to Change Them

* Role Playing on a Budget

Follow along, and hit me up with suggestions for topics you’d love to see! I’m hoping to do some videos in the future, too.

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